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ProAm Auto Accessories - Royal Purple

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Royal Purple's unique mineral based oil specifically designed to aid in high performance engine break-in. Excellent for seating valves and piston rings. Not meant for extended mileage use.
Royal Purple's Purple Ice will reduce engine temps, and help you keep that engine cool under stress, releasing more valuable horsepower to the pavement.
Royal Purple offers 3 levels of full synthetic engine protection - API Certified oils, HPS High Performance Street oils, and XPR Extreme Performance Racing oils. We have what you need for your engine protection.
Royal Purple Gear oils use Synerlec to give your drivetrain extreme protection from heat and wear. Several viscosities to choose from.
Bearing grease and special gun oil for superior lubrication and flawless operation.
Royal Purple's engine oils specifically for use in motorcycle crankcases where oil contacts engine, transmission, and wet clutch components.
Smaller bottles of Power Steering Fluid. Universal application.
Royal Purple's SyncroMax for manual transmissions, and Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid for use in all stock and modified transmissions.